Inspiration of the day// James Merry


James Merry is an English artist, now based in Iceland where he has been living and working since 2009.

He works from a small cabin studio outside of Reykjavík, sewing by hand in a variety of mediums.

James is a self-taught embroiderer, having originally studied Classical Greek at Oxford University.

The reason why I think he is a genius is for the incredible headpieces he did for Bjork during the Vulnicura Tour.

Using every kind of material (silicone, tulle, fluorescent treads, pearls, aluminium wire..) his creations thansformed Bjork in an insect like woman with bioluminescent antennas and velvet details like a moth.

james-merry-bjork-embroidery-sketch photo-by-James-Merry-2

bjork-santiago-felipe-2016-09 4bdd228e0cb15d5aa6459b0e6e9a7d86 875aa7da809798ce36179122f5e49657
Photo-by-James-Merry-5 original

13259512_1082186285171187_1318868147_n file Bjork_London_Photocred_Santiago_Felipe_IMG_6539


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file (2)

Please check his website for more of his works and images.

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Inspiration of the day// James Merry